Rates & Booking

Rooms at Trade Winds can be booked through popular online reservation services or by sending an email to Marjorie Amrom, owner and host, directly at: infoandvisit@aol.com.

  • Master Suite Room Rate: $160.00/night & up, 3rd person: $10.00. 
  • Queen Room Rate: $125/night & up. This room can accommodate two people only.
  • Twin: $125/night & up, $10 additional person.

Although each room holds one or two comfortably, Trade Winds can accommodate a total of 8 people traveling together. The master suite is on the ground floor, and the queen and the twin are on an upper floor.

Discounted rates are available for 7 nights or more.

When booking, it is very important that you give your approximate arrival time, so that I can greet you. While check-in and check-out times are somewhat flexible, there is no front desk.

All major credit cards are accepted. Small discounts are offered for cash payments. Printed receipts with all relevant information are given at time of payment.

A Note from Marge, Your Hostess….

Each guest is special. I will do everything possible to make sure that your visit is as pleasurable as possible. If you have concerns during your stay at Trade Winds, please notify me immediately so that we can resolve issues immediately. In return, all guests are asked to act in an appropriate manner with respect for your hostess and other guests.

One last thing: I share my home with three small dogs. They are not permitted in the guest areas.

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