More Information on Rooms & Amenities

Room features:

  • Free WiFi & cable TV
  • A small refrigerator, microwave & coffee maker
  • An individual heat and air-conditioning so guests may adjust the temperature
  • Continental breakfast foods (coffee, tea, juice, bottled water, yogurt, cereal, and milk)
  • Dining table, dishes, etc. so that guests may help themselves at their convenience.
  • Daily cleaning
  • The Master Suite has a private, en-suite bathroom. The Queen Room and Twin share a connecting bathroom.

N.B. Unlike other B&B’s, Trade Winds does not offer a communal breakfast. All rooms are equipped with a kitchenette and eating area for a private breakfast.


There is metered and timed on-street parking near Trade Winds. But because we are located in a popular central neighborhood, on-street parking spots are extremely limited and competitive.

If you would like the option of on-street parking, please let Trade Winds know at least 15 days in advance of your visit. The City of Philadelphia offers visitor’s parking permits for $15.

Additionally, there is a commercial public parking garage one block away, which costs about $20 per day.

Photo Gallery

The Master Suite

The Queen Room

The Twin Room


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